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Soutenance de l'Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches en sciences : Samir MEDINA PERLAZA

Contributions aux Systèmes d’Information et d’Energie

Chargé de recherche INRIA : Samir MEDINA PERLAZA

Laboratoire INSA :  Membre du CITI entre Décembre 2012 et Janvier 2020. 

Rapporteurs :

  • Michèle Wigger, Télécom ParisTech, France
  • Sheng Yang, CentraleSupélec, France
  • Aylin Yener, The Ohio State University, USA

Jury :

  • Jean-Marie Gorce, INSA de Lyon, France
  • Herve Liebgott, Université Lyon I, France
  • Alain Jean-Marie, INRIA, France
  • H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University, USA

In this HDR defense, I report part of the research works to which I have contributed over the period 2014–2020 as a permanent member of the scientieic staff (chargé de recherche) at INRIA. The aim is not to provide an exhaustive summary of all results and contributions. Instead, my choice is to highlight those results that are the most complete, at least in my opinion. Research results previous to my appointment at INRIA, that is, those obtained during my PhD at Télécom ParisTech and my postdoctoral appointments at Supélec and Princeton University, are excluded. This is independent of whether their publication dates fall within the evaluation period. Following this reasoning, I have selected three areas in which I believe some of my research results might be of general interest: (a) Feedback in Wireless Communications; (b) Simultaneous Information and Energy Transmission; and (c) Data Integrity in Power Systems.

Informations complémentaires

  • Visioconférence. Demander un lien de connexion à samir.perlaza@inria.fr

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