Working at INSA Lyon

Bâtiement Camille Claudelmeans:

  • Benefiting from a quality working environment.
  • Working with a people with varied backgrounds and profiles (teachers, researchers, technicians, students).
  • Being supported in career development through various schemes.
  • Having the opportunity to do on-going professional training through courses and specific training programmes adapted to your professional ambitions.
  • Personal development through sporting and leisure activities
  • Developing personal culture through contact with the numerous cultural events.

Coming to work at INSA Lyon also means joining two technical centres : the LyonTech la Doua Campus and the Oyonnax Campus. 

LyonTech la Doua Campus houses 26,000 people (including 20,000 students and 2,800 researchers).
From the very beginning it has developed strong relationships with industry. It benefits from the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge due to the presence of the Université Claude Bernard LYON 1, INSA Lyon, CPE, ENSSIB… and 80 associated research laboratories, mainly in the CNRS, INSERM and INRA.

The LyonTech la Doua campus also groups together two high-tech Business Centres, research valorisation organisations and on-going vocational training centres.

Prevention and fight against discrimination in employment

For several years, INSA Lyon has been actively engaged in a staff policy of non-discrimination. In this respect, different actions have been accomplished:

  • Signature in 2006 of an undertaking including an action plan with the association ACCEDE (Active involvement in Equality and against Ethnic Discrimination in the employment of young people);
  • Introduction of an information programme highlighting all forms of discrimination in the "recruitment support" training course organised by the Development Unit of the HR department;
  • Participation, in conjunction with other local employers, in the creation of a preventive guide regarding discrimination in the field of recruitment.