Theatre Studies

As of the 2nd year

Founded in 1991, the Theatre Studies section offers sixty engineering students, from the second year onwards, practical theatre training managed by professionals from the theatrical world. The objectives include: exploration by the students of their own limitations and their freedom through improvisation, theatrical texts, and participation in a production managed by of a director.

The Theatre Studies section offers two options:

  • The acting option: Workshops on improvisation, staging, voice...
  • The light and sound option: an artistic journey based on stage design (light, sound, production...).

It requires a certain motivation and real commitment.

Over the following two years, the workshop remains, complemented by students’ individual work. Specific training in lighting, sound and the production of shows is proposed to certain students.

International Exchanges

  • Member of the International University Theatre Association.
  • Participation in many festivals in France (Reunion Island, Rouen, Avignon, Besançon) and abroad (Liege, Kiev, Jerusalem, Olympia, Beirut, Krakow, and Casablanca

Davyd Chaumard

Responsable Section Théâtre-études
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Secrétariat Sections Arts-Etudes

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