Research Department


Vice President for Research: Marie-Christine BAIETTO

Research Administrative Department

  • Administrative Manager:
    Research contractualisation, partnership management, assistance, management of the GRAAL application
    Mélanie JACQUIN
    Tel. 04 72 43 72 50 -
  • Secrétariat-affaires générales :
    Secretarial work, accounting, monitoring of CNU (National Council of Universities) missions, En Dirrec newsletter (internal newsletter for the laboratories)
    Elena DELGADO
    Tel. 04 72 43 81 29 -

CAPP'Recherche, Support Cell for Public Research Projects

CAPP'Recherche works closely with Insavalor and the Financial and Human Resources Departments of INSA Lyon to provide assistance and advice to the school's teacher-researchers within the framework of the "CAPP’L-Ingénierie de Projets" programme. It prepares and monitors projects funded under public calls for projects: ANR (French National Research Agency), FUI (Single Interministerial Fund), ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), CDC (Deposits and Consignments Fund), European projects, etc.

  • Project Manager:
  • National projects including ANR, ADEME, FUI, CDC, etc. ; ERDF European projects
    Corinne IAFRATE
    Tel. 04 72 43 87 79 -
  • Legal Adviser – Project Manager
    National projects including ANR, ADEME, FUI, etc. ; Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie / ERC European projects ; consortium agreements
    Leslie GAILLARD
    Tel. 04 72 43 76 34 -

For questions regarding the preparing and submitting of a new research project, and depending on the type of project concerned (ANR, FUI, European or other)

Please contact us at the following addresses: