Public contracts

Public Command and Purchasing Unit

The public command and purchasing unit's objective is to propose and apply the purchasing policy of INSA Lyon, while complying with the applicable laws regarding public orders in general, and public contracts in particular.

The Unit has three priorities:

  • systematically implement procedures regarding competition and advertising of purchases, to apply ever-more demanding legislation and prevent potential recourse to appeals (which are more and more common in this field),
  • develop, upstream of the advertising of tenders, a genuine purchasing strategy: development of a network of companies, broadening of the competition, collection of technical information, networking of purchasers, exchange of best practices (this strategy aims to seek the best value for money on the market and bring some flexibility to the imposed procedures),
  • develop digital processing, in order to gain in terms of efficiency and readability, within a framework of sustainable development.

General purchasing conditions:

Click here to download the general purchasing conditions in PDF

Any purchases made by INSA Lyon (outside formal tenders with an administrative specifications file, whether the advertising is made by call for tender or another adapted process) is governed by the provisions below, which define the contractual relations between INSA Lyon and the contractor.
The acceptance of the purchase order implies full knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions for purchases (goods and services) or production (works).

The three principles of public purchase orders:

1. Freedom of access to public contracts
2. Equality in the treatment of applications
3. Control over the use of public funds, which is the basis of the implementation procedures (advertising of offers, competition between suppliers, transparency in choices made, external controls).

The Real-Estate Management Department

Contracts concerning INSA's real-estate are managed specifically by the Real-Estate Management Department (DIRPAT). Indeed, within the DIRPAT, the finance and administration unit is responsible, in conjunction with the relevant departments (real-estate projects, building maintenance, real-estate logistics) for contracts related to the following areas:

  • construction, planning, maintenance and safety (contracts for programmes, surveys, services and works)
  • maintenance and upkeep of buildings (contracts for surveys, services and works),
  • real-estate logistics, notably cleaning, waste sorting, waste removal etc. (goods and services contracts).

All of these actions are carried out with a view to the long term efficiency and sustainability of the solutions chosen, subject to the establishment's budget constraints.

INSA Lyon is committed to the sustainability of public purchasing

  •  INSA Lyon has signed the Charter for sustainable purchases in research and higher education.
  • This Charter is a keystone in INSA Lyon's bold and tangible policy in terms of sustainable purchasing.
  • It includes 10 commitments, which set out process guidelines, rather than constraints. It will enable INSA Lyon, with the support of all its staff and students, to turn a major corner in terms of its sustainable purchasing policy.
  • The Charter also includes a Guide for sustainable purchases in research and higher education, which provides legal and technical keys.