Student Entrepreneur Programme (FEE LyonTech)

Training for entrepreneurship

The objective of the Student Entrepreneur Programme is to train engineers in entrepreneurial skills, through a real-life project, which forces students to consider, assimilate and assume the risks that are inherent to business.

This is a six-month option, from February to September, during the last year of the engineering cycle. It replaces the End of Studies Project or Internship.

The Student Entrepreneur section provides future engineers with an additional skill, developing their capacity to manage a team, drive an innovative project or create a business.

The Student Entrepreneur programme allows students to become familiar with the major tools of business and project management, and to control processes and behaviours, through experiential learning.

The Student Entrepreneur programme is aimed at:

  • engineering students with projects
  • student colleagues who wish to get involved in the project by joining the team

The Student Entrepreneur programme awards the specialised “Technology Entrepreneur and Manager” Certificate.

As such, it can also be followed by engineers or scientists from the ‘PRES Lyon’ (Pole for Research and Elite Studies) who have the same level of training, or as additional training, either after graduation as an additional 6th year, or even during professional life.

Key figures

Hours of training

  • 357 hours of face to face teaching
  • 200 hours mentoring the project team

Over 13 years, the Student Entrepreneur Programme represents:

  • 320 students trained
  • 35 start-ups and two acquisitions
  • international scope

80% of the teaching staff are business professionals:

  • company directors
  • consultants
  • experts in company start-ups and acquisitions

The Student Entrepreneur Programme, a real-life experience

  • Autonomy in the project
  • An open-space office with independent workspaces
  • Friendly atmosphere