Life on campus

Student Union

For more than 30 years, the INSA Lyon Student Union has been a major actor in the life of the school. With more than 200 volunteers and nearly 3,000 members, it is one of the largest Student Unions in France. Students are welcomed at the Maison des Etudiants, which has housed the Student Union for more than 15 years and which is open 50 hours a week.


The Student Union participates in the organisation of all major events on campus. Its responsibilities include welcoming the some 800 first-year students during Freshers' Week, which ends with a team-building weekend on the coast. The Student Union also works with the INSA Communications Department to organise the prestigious annual graduation ball. As for sports, it organises the "Raid", an adventure sporting event that takes place over several days and during which more than 200 participants (students, engineers and professionals) compete in various events: mountain biking, trail running, run & bike, orienteering, rafting, climbing, and more! Finally, the Student Union also organises other more specific or one-off events such as parties or outings.


The Student Union makes a range of services available to its members, including self-service laundry facilities in several of the halls of residence, a student grocery store (the COOP) stocking all the basics, photocopiers installed in the Maison des Etudiants in partnership with INSA, as well as various cooking appliances (crepe griddle, raclette grill, barbecue, etc.), balls and games on loan or to rent from the Student Union office.

The Student Union is also responsible for the management of the INSA SHOP clothing and textile range, consisting of various items bearing the school colours.

Clubs & Societies

By supporting all of the 130 clubs and societies on the campus, helping them organise their projects throughout the year, the Student Union encourages an active social and community life. Responsible for federating the clubs and societies, the Student Union is the main contact for INSA to participate in their regulation. Its mission is to help all of them and to support their projects and activities.

To benefit from the services of the Student Union and participate in the events organised by its teams, INSA students must join one or more clubs and societies. This membership also allows the students to benefit from many special rates offered by the different clubs on the campus (shows, parties, outings, etc.).

Services for members at student rates:

  • washing machines and driers in 7 INSA residences.
  • free access to photocopiers and binders.
  • sales of binder kits, stamps, tram tickets, faxes, etc.
  • room hire for private or association evenings.
  • a photo booth.
  • free loan of footballs, pétanque balls, etc.
  • "La coop" a cooperative.
  • A computer room, a reading lounge, meeting rooms
  • Rental of cooking appliances (crepe griddle, raclette grill, waffle makers, etc.).
  • INSA SHOP clothing and textile range bearing the school colours.

Public opening hours:


Monday: 10h-14h30 and 15h30-19h
Tuesday: 10h-14h30 and 15h30-19h
Wednesday: 10h-14h30 and 15h30-19h
Thursday: 10h-18h
Friday: 10h-14h


Monday: 12h-14h and 18h-19h
Tuesday: 12h-14h and 18h-19h
Wednesday: 12h-14 h and 18h-19h
Thursday: 12h-16h
Friday: 12h-14h