Preparatory Level

2 years of general scientific and technical education

The role of the Preparatory Level is to take the student from the status of secondary-school pupil to that of a future INSA engineer.


The student receives an education that is the scientific, technical and human basis required for entering the specialist departments of the Engineer’s Cycle. The general training in the Preparatory Level is essential for giving every INSA engineer the solid core skills and knowledge to enable them to reorient themselves in mid-career, whatever their specialisation. The role of the Preparatory Level is to help students develop the working methods that are indispensable for their further studies and professional career.

Educational Organisation

The Preparatory Level Department at INSA Lyon, given its large size (1500 students) and the diversity of its teaching staff (nearly 200 teachers), offers a variety of qualified training sectors:

  • The “Classical" Preparatory Level is the main body of the department and has 1,200 students spread over the two academic years
  • Four internationally oriented sections, of which three are taught in French, grouping French students together with other students from Europe (EURINSA), Asia (ASINSA) or Latin America (AMERINSA), and a section taught entirely in English (SCAN) .
  • An Active Science Training (FAS) section integrates students who did the baccalaureate STI (Industrial Science and Technology) into the engineering curriculum.
  • A High Level Sport (SHN) section is dedicated to the Preparatory Level education of athletes.

Although these courses are run independently, the common objective remains the rigorous initial training of scientists, who possess the human qualities and open-mindedness that are essential for any engineer.