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Student career plans

Throughout their time at the school, INSA Lyon's students prepare their "career plan". This is expressed by the selection of their specialist area, their choice of company and course subjects, a possible stay abroad in the form of a placement or course in a partner university, and the choice of cross-curricular options in the 2nd and 5th years. Of course, the career plan is expressed by the search for a targeted post in terms of company, sectors of activity and job.

In order to compile their career plan, INSA Lyon's students are advised by guidance professionals and psychologists. They also receive advice on writing a personal statement, a curriculum vitae, and on interview preparation, etc. They have a document centre concerning companies, jobs and engineering posts, the major sectors of activity, etc. at their disposal.

Thinking about their career plan requires external help from recruitment professionals, company HR Departments, and advice from consultants who may come from a company.

Thus numerous "simulated interviews", "CV corrections", presentations of companies, jobs, placement and employment vacancies are conducted by companies and recruitment consultancies in the context of partnerships with the training departments or the Company Relations Directorate.

A targeted offer in terms of recruitment communication and support for a career plan may be built in partnership with the Companies.

Contact: Director of the department of the branch targeted.