To set the school global policy in terms of education, research and international relations.


It is composed of 33 members, of whom 14 are external to INSA Lyon, 5 students, 10 teachers and 4 representatives from the administrative, technical, and maintenance staff.

  • President of the board: Christian Nibourel, President Accenture France.
  • Vice-President of the board: Isabelle Collet, Professor, University of Geneva.
  • President of the Restricted board: Daniel Nélias, Professor, INSA Lyon.
  • Secretariat: Jocelyne Deau.

Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee has an advisory role for the board with recommendations concerning the orientations of the research strategy.


It is composed of 30 members of whom 9 are external to INSA, 18 personnel representatives (teaching and IATOS technical staff) and 3 third cycle students.

  • President : Frédéric Fotiadu, Director, INSA Lyon.
  • Vice-President: Etienne Fleury, Professor, INSA Lyon.
  • Secretariat: Elena Delgado – Research Department.

Studies Committee


This Committee presents recommendations with respect to the orientation of education, both for initial and lifelong education. It examines all questions pertaining to student life, support activities, university and school works, libraries and documentation centres.


It is composed of 31 members, of whom 3 are external to INSA, 12 representatives of the education staff, 3 representatives for the IATOS technical staff and 11 student representatives.

  • President : Frédéric Fotiadu, Director, INSA Lyon.
  • Secretariat: Chantal Rouaud.

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