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[Covid-19 : Informations] : Answers to your questions

Updated wednesday, January, 5th, 2022


The measures established by our school may be subject to adjustment in accordance with new provisions that may be adopted by the French authorities. In order to be fully informed of the evolution of the situation and of our organization, we kindly ask you to consult your INSA mailbox on a regular basis.

⚡ You can also regularly consult the student​ FAQ on etudiant.gouv



INSA Restaurants







     Do I have to wear a mask on campus?

    Wearing a surgical or category 1 mask is mandatory for everyone inside buildings and outside. 

    Should the barrier measures still be applied? 
    You must continue to apply the following barrier measures:

    - Wash your hands very often or use hydro-alcoholic gel;
    - Use single-use tissues, and then throw them away;
    - Cough and sneeze into your arm or into a tissue;
    - Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses on the cheek;
    - Respect social distancing: you should remain further than two metres from others;
    - Wear a mask where necessary (see below);
    - Air rooms for at least ten minutes, three times a day;


    Is the health pass* compulsory to access INSA campus ?
    No, in France, access to schools and universities is not subject to the obligation to present a health pass.
    INSA Lyon students and staff do not need to show a health pass.

    * Vaccination, on condition that people have a complete vaccination schedule, proof of a negative RT-PCR and antigenic test less than 48 hours or 72 hours old, depending on the case, the result of a positive RT-PCR test attesting to the recovery of the Covid-19, dating back at least 11 days and less than 6 months.

    Are the INSA Lyon gyms and swimming pool open?
    Yes, no health pass is required.


    INSA Restaurants

    Who can access it and how?

    Students and staff will be welcomed and will have to :

    • Wear a protective mask
    • Disinfect your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel (available at the entrance of the restaurants).
    • Respecting social distancing

    Restaurants operate normally, under the protocol of the collective catering.  The health pass is not required to access the restaurants.


    How is the Marie Curie Library organised?

    The Marie Curie Library is open to 100% of its capacity

    • Access is reserved for INSA Lyon students on presentation of their card,
    • Wearing the mask is mandatory. Any person seen without their mask will be asked to leave the library immediately.


    Can we organise juries, conferences, seminars, symposiums and cultural events on site?

    Events can be organized and welcome outside participants. Catering activities are not allowed.
    These events will be authorized following the presentation of their health protocol set up and submitted to : 
    > the Research Department for scientific events 
    > the Education Department for events of a pedagogical or education nature
    > the Student Life Department for events of an associative nature, student life
    > the General Services Department for all other types of events

    As a reminder, wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone.

    When will a health pass be required?

    The health pass will be required for : 

    > Festive activities organized by student associations;
    > Cultural and sports activities unrelated to training courses (open to audiences other than students and staff or organized off-campus)
    > Sports and cultural activities  welcoming participants or public outside the establishment
    > Seminars and scientific conferences with external participants.

    Are associative, cultural and sporting activities allowed?

    Events organized by student associations are subject to a number of rules:

    > All events organized by student associations are subject to a health pass. 
    > Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone.
    > Catering activities are not allowed.
    > If the event is organized on campus, it must be previoulsy authorized by the school director.
    > If the event is organized outside INSA, the director must be informed and the event must necessarily take place in an establishment receiving the public subject to to a health pass (discotheque, bar, university restaurant reserved for the event). It is absolutely forbidden to organize it in a university residence. 


    Current measures in France for travel 

    International students from all countries are still welcome if the health regulations in force in their country of origin and in France allow it. Since 9 June 2021, the procedures for coming to France are different depending on the country of residence and the vaccination status. Three categories of countries have been defined on the basis of health indicators:

    Green countries: countries without active circulation of the virus and variants of concern identified

    • Orange countries: countries where the virus is actively circulating but in controlled proportions, without the spread of variants of concern.

    Red countries: countries where the virus is actively circulating and variants of concern are present.

    Scarlet countries:  particularly active circulation of the virus and/or discovery of a variant that may present a risk of increased transmissibility or immune escape. 

    More info: Coming to France: Back to school 2021 and Covid 19

    More information and list of countries: Ministry of the Interior website


    Is outgoing student mobility allowed?
    The mobility of INSA students is authorised in all countries, if the health regulations in force in their destination country and in France allow it.



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