Mechanical engineering

325 graduates per year, 40 of whom are apprentices on 2 campuses

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to train versatile mechanical engineers in the fields of innovation, R&D and product design and manufacturing. They develop their ability to carry out major projects, from an original idea to an end product.

The department has two sites: one on the LyonTech-La Doua campus in Villeurbanne and the other in Oyonnax, at the heart of the Plastics Vallée. Some courses are provided on the Oyonnax campus.

Disciplines are divided into 4 main categories:

  • Analysis and calculation tools (experimental methods, numerical methods, mathematics)
  • Dynamics and systems (vibrations, system control, dynamics)
  • Mechanics, transfers, materials (materials, mechanics of deformable solids, mechanics of fluids, thermal transfers)
  • Design, manufacturing, control (design and analysis of mechanical systems, manufacturing, control, quality)

But also:

  • Acquiring scientific, technical and technological knowledge
  • Learning by focusing on specific projects, in partnership with businesses, to have the opportunity to contextualise and concretise knowledge
  • Enjoying teaching methods that combine digital and experimental tools to allow you to comprehend and analyse physical phenomena
  • Training in innovation and R&D

A significant part of the training is dedicated to languages, human and social sciences (introduction to management methods, marketing, communications) and physical education

Option FEE

The Student Entrepreneurship Programme (FEE LYONTECH) aims to provide training in entrepreneurship, with the support of a living project, which involves understanding and assuming the risks specific to the company. This is a six-month option, from February to September, the last year of the engineering cycle. It replaces the Project.

Plastronics course
The convergence of plastics and electronics

An original training towards the profession of "plastronics project manager" which is aimed at students who have validated their 4th year.

  • 1st semester: 17 weeks of course
  • 2nd semester: industrial internship
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INSA Lyon has two campuses: LyonTech-La Doua and Oyonnax.
The Oyonnax campus receives the students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering who chose the course Procédés Plasturgie. Each year, around 50 students and 15 apprentices join the campus in 4th and 5th year.
From the start of school year 2018, the new option Plastronique 3D will be set up for around 30 students in 5th year. A mix between plastics processes and electronics, this technology is a real asset at the time of connected devices. This one-year option will be made up of 6 months of classes and project work on the LyonTech and Oyonnax campuses, then 6 months of professional internship in the industrial sector.

At the heart of the Plastics Vallée, collaborating with the CTIPC (Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites), the Oyonnax site provides students with the opportunity to compare scientific concepts and industrial-scale testing.
The campus also has its own student life: INSAAP (INSA Alternants Plasturgistes for students doing an apprenticeship, in cooperation with the student association Plast’Avenir), charged with campus activities, and Raid Dahu which organises each year’s weekend in the mountains.

Contact :
GMPP (Génie Mécanique Procédés Plasturgie) Student Affairs Office
Isabelle Poncelet
Tél. : 04 74 81 93 00

GMPP: Apprenticeship curriculum Student Affairs Office
Valérie Flécheux
Tél. : 04 72 43 60 12

Head of the Oyonnax site – Plastronique 3D
Professeur Jean-Yves Charmeau
Tél. : 04 74 81 93 05 - 07 61 51 30 43

As part of the training, INSA Lyon's engineering students must complete at least one stay abroad: internship or exchange at a partner university.

Sectors: energy (wind-powered, hydrokinetic, nuclear and fossil energy), transportation (space, aeronautic, motor, rail and naval transportation), biomedical and healthcare, sports and leisure activities, plastics processes, packaging design (for cosmetics, agro-food products, etc.), mechatronics and robotics, luxury industry (horology, etc.), eco-industry, mechanical construction and industrial machines, construction industry, etc.

Jobs: research engineer, R&D engineer, calculation engineer, project manager, production manager, process engineer, maintenance manager, quality control, etc.

Madame Emmanuelle Vidal-Sallé