12 Oct
From 12/10/2022 09:00
to 12/10/2022 12:00


Global conference "Coming out stronger together"

Restarting international student mobility is what we all want. Sometimes we wish we could erase the last two years, as if the epidemic never existed, and continue working as before. But is this really what we want?

Pressing the restart button also implies resetting and forgetting everything. The ordeal has taught us a lot about ourselves, our teaching, and the management of our international relations.
So what exactly do we want to restart? What did we learn from the epidemic and how do we come out stronger?

Join us on Wednesday 12 October for a special conference "Coming out stronger together" organized in the framework of our annual International Partner Days.

We will show you facets of INSA Lyon in a new light, in presence of our international partners.

◾ Program

◾ 9.00 | Welcome coffee and croissants​

◾ 9.30 | Greetings 

by Pr. Frédéric Fotiadu, President of INSA Lyon | Pr. Damien Fabrègue, Vice-President for European and International Affairs​

◾ 9.45 | Round table: Evolution of INSA Lyon's training towards sustainable development and social responsibility: from the French government’s instructions to a UNESCO Chair

with Laurence Dupont, Manager of the Training Evolution Project | Fatma Saïd, Head of Digital Teaching and Learning Support | François Rousset, Director of Studies for Energy and Environmental Engineering | Anne-Laure Ladier, Director of Studies for Industrial Engineering | Hugo Paris, a Ph.D. student in Education Sciences

◾ 10.30 | Talk: Ethics in Engineering, a common pathway

by Prof. Maria Mont Verdaguer, Consultant and Professor of Ethics and Critical Thinking​

◾ 10.45 | Coffee break

◾ 11.00 | Round-table: The Lighting Plan, a Lyonnais art of designing the city 

with Thierry Marsick, Director of Urban Lighting for the City of Lyon | Céline Lyoen, Project Manager at the Urban Lighting Department of the City of Lyon | Jean Michel Deleuil, Teacher at INSA Lyon for Civil Engineering and Urban Planning​

◾ 11.30 | Talk: Let's Rewild our World!

by Emmanuel Rondeau, INSA Alumni, Writer and Director specialized in storytelling through Films, Photography, and 360° Experience. Emmanuel worked in many countries worldwide and his films and photo stories have been broadcasted to numerous channels including Animal Planet, National Geographic, RMC Découvertes, and more.

◾ 12.00 | Buffet lunch

◾ Registration

◾ More information: www.insalyon-partnerdays.com


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