European section of the INSA Lyon First Cycle

Founded in 1991, this course prepares students right from the start of their graduate studies for the international requirements that are essential in the engineering profession today.

Its specific objective is to develop the adaptability and inventiveness of students, as well as their autonomy and openness. Students are grouped into international teams and follow training in various fields (including tutorials, practical assignments and mini-projects). In this way, they are confronted with scientific, technical and human cultures that are different from their own.

Each year, EURINSA takes in a round 100 students in the first year, made up of approximately 50% of foreign students.

At the end of two years at EURINSA, students can continue their studies in the 3rd year at INSA Lyon or another INSA, or in an engineering faculty at one of INSA Lyon’s European partner Universities.

The tutorials and practical assignments, which represent the majority of teaching time, are done in small groups (of about 16-24 students), which allows good monitoring of students’ progress. The teaching is in French.

Any team work (tutorials, etc.) is done in international groups.

Students benefit from a support system with a specific tutor per geographic area of origin, and supervised hours of revision for parts of the programmes.

Students must reach a certain level, verified by continuous assessment throughout the year as well as course summary homework at the end of each semester.

The first year is a probationary year, where repeating the year is exceptional and only possible in particular situations (e.g. sickness for French students, or adaptation difficulties for foreigners).
At the end of the 1st year, and potentially at the end of the 2nd year, students do a ‘worker’ internship in a company in a European country other than their country of origin.

English and another European foreign language (German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian), different from the mother tongue, are mandatory on the course, although no prior knowledge is required for these languages.

In the 1st year, however, foreign students are taught French and this can replace all or part of the other language classes. In the 2nd year, students who have validated their level of English (more than 590 TOEFL) may choose to study a third language instead of English.

In the 2nd year, part of the scientific teaching is organised around scientific, technical or documentary research projects. Students choose an area among the three proposed:

  • construction-manufacturing,
  • computerised physical measures,
  • chemistry-biology-environment.

Teaching in audio-visual communication and multimedia is also organised by project. In addition to face-to-face hours with teachers, a half-day per week is freed up on the time-table, in the last semester in particular, for the various projects. During the second semester of the 2nd year, some students may participate in an introductory programme for international exchanges, allowing them to spend two weeks at a partner university in Europe.

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