Life on campus

Eco-responsible on a daily basis

Conscious of its Social Responsibility as a Company, well before the era of sustainable development claimed by all organizations, INSA Lyon has been actively engaged in raising awareness with regard to sustainable development since 2003 alongside the "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles" conference.

In addition to raising awareness in this way, INSA Lyon also introduces initiatives so that students and staff can practise eco-responsibility on a daily basis.

  • Sorting of waste.
  • Control of consumption (ISO 14001 framework).
  • Clean campus action.
  • "Mangez-moins-Bêtes" sensible eating action.
  • Composting set up by the catering management.

In parallel,  The "Objectif 21" association, founded in 2001, composed of INSA Lyon students, raises awareness among students and staff concerning the notion of Sustainable Development and the introduction of actions leading to INSA Lyon being a Sustainable Campus:" 

  • Lectures-discussions (eco-design ...).
  • Specific events during national weeks highlighting various themes (Waste Reduction Week, etc.).
  • Actions relating to food, travel, energy consumption (participation in a test to measure energy consumption in student accommodation), sorting waste in the residences, and support for associations wanting to organize eco-responsible events.