Dual diploma

INSA Lyon offers its engineering and foreign students the opportunity to obtain a dual international degree: the student thus obtains both the INSA engineering degree, and that issued by the partner university.
It should be noted that a dual-diploma (recognised by the French Commission des Titres d'Engineer, CTI) extends the tuition by one semester minimum.

The possibility of a doing a graduate course abroad is offered in the 3rd year of the engineering cycle. Students are placed in conditions identical to those of students of the host university and the study content is defined by the latter.

As well as this, INSA Lyon offers the possibility to obtain International Masters Degrees. In fact, these degrees are “advanced Masters”, i.e., they offer specialised diplomas, at a higher level than that of an engineering degree. In general, they are taught in English.

The dual-diplomas at INSA Lyon

Over 20 dual diploma programmes are proposed to students at INSA, with our international partners, whether in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, etc...

For further information please contact the International Relations Department (DRI) at or from department heads.