Life on campus

Cultural service

Founded in 1991, the cultural service is the meeting point for various INSA initiatives linked to culture: Humanities Centre, Arts-studies sections, student cultural clubs.

Blossoming cultural activity

The cultural service promotes INSA's cultural activity by offering a variety of events throughout the year that are open to all (contemporary art exhibitions, lectures, "Humas Mondays", etc.).
In addition to its work of collaboration with INSA's various cultural actors, it publishes "les rendez-vous culturels" several times a year in order to promote and open up the establishment's cultural life to the city and the Lyon conurbation.

La belle jardinière - Roger Camous - Acrylique sur toile

The INSA Contemporary Arts Fund

The Cultural Service manages and creates FACI (INSA'S Contemporary Arts Fund) by buying one or two works each year and exhibiting them in the Humanities Exhibition Hall. These particular works are then displayed in INSA Lyon's various buildings.
Finally, it also takes care of continuing the project launched in 2000 involving the installation of a work of contemporary art outside each department.


There is an auditorium available

A former amphitheatre redeveloped into an auditorium (400 seats), the Rotonde has been at the centre of INSA'S cultural life for the last twenty years.
It is one of those rare auditoriums in France managed by the students alone in the form of an association representing INSA's various cultural identities. The Rotonde Management Committee (CGR) is responsible for managing the Rotonde from the start to the finish of each academic year. 

INSA Lyon's Cultural Service is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs - Rhône Alpes DRAC).