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INSAVALOR, a bridge between research and business

INSAVALOR is the INSA Lyon Research & Development, Research Valorisation and Continuing Education subsidiary.

Responsible for research valorisation at INSA Lyon, INSAVALOR fosters relationships between the laboratories and businesses in need of technology solutions, skills and training for their innovative projects.

Its role: to identify the needs of businesses in terms of knowledge, technology and training, and to mobilise the scientific teams in order to propose innovative solutions.

Created in 1988, INSAVALOR was one of the first research valorisation subsidiaries established in academia to support research and development.

Bâtment CEIIts field of action:

  •  Identification of skills related to industrial issues,
  • Implementation of collaborative work: confidentiality management and industrial property,
  • Establishment of framework agreements and housing of innovative companies in the Company and Innovation centre,
  • Transfer engineers: transferring their knowledge and expertise.

Note that INSAVALOR manages all of the contractual relationships of the INSA laboratories. It acts as an interface between INSA Lyon and interested companies, identifying the resources and solutions to meet their needs.

The 100 most innovative engineering schools

INSA Lyon confirms its 3th place among the engineering schools which are champions in innovation and R & D. (Industrie & Technologies” - Ranking 2014)