Computer Science and Information Technology

120 graduates per year

Multi-profession computer engineers: all the areas of information technology applications are covered (industry, management and science), with emphasis on engineering activities, modelling and integration of complex systems. Many international partnerships, two summer internships and an end-of-studies project in a company consolidate the training and offer future employment possibilities.

The IT engineer is able to:

  • work in a wide variety of professions in many economic sectors. The training ensures this by developing the requisite expertise, combined with good interpersonal skills and an awareness of organisations and company operations. 
  • scientifically analyse a large cross-section of problems and propose solutions in line with the constraints of quality and cost: IT training aims to develop the engineer’s capacities as a designer / architect, as well as an integrator.   
  • The activities of a computer engineer are often performed as part of team projects, and very often focused on meeting the needs of clients and users.   
  • The technical foundation is complemented by a solid methodological basis (quality management, project management, customer relations, etc.). IT training develops the interpersonal skills necessary for all engineers: teamwork, independence, problem solving, organisational and inter-personal skills, written and oral proficiency in foreign languages.

Lionel Brunie

Directeur du Département Informatique

Département Informatique

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