Life on campus

Citizen engineer

Citizens' charter at INSA Lyon

Definition: Citizen: Someone belonging to a city, recognizing its jurisdiction, is able to enjoy, within its territory, citizenship and is subject to the corresponding duties. (Petit Robert de la Langue Française 2009).

"Being a man, means being responsible."

Anyone attending INSA Lyon, whether as a student or professionally, undertakes to:

  • live cordially within the community, to demonstrate public-spiritedness in all circumstances and to respect the rules and respect others (my freedom stops where that of others begins).
  • demonstrate solidarity towards others, in particular daring to take the initiatives that are necessary.
  • demonstrate responsibility, in particular by encouraging others to look after themselves.
  • promote the development of association life as well as participation in the establishment's agencies.
  • suggest improvements to public life on the campus, monitoring its dynamism and quality of life, by participating in the various structures devoted to dialogue and reconciliation.
  • respecting the freedom and tranquillity of others, and using assets provided carefully with a view to their preservation.