Become an international ambassador of INSA Lyon

Outgoing students

Student mobility is a complex process governed by agreements which requires balanced exchanges. When you go exchange to one of INSA Lyon's partner universities, you can play a major role is this process and become an international ambassador of our university. Note that the more incoming students we receive, the more INSA students will be accepted in partner universities. As a permanent student, you are a determinant representative able to promote INSA Lyon's model and values.

Incoming students

As an exchange student at INSA Lyon, you can play a role in promoting our university to other students from your home university. Your involvment as an ambassador is essential to enhance INSA Lyon's notoriety and encourage prospective exchange students to come here.

Ambassadors missions

  • Take part in the Study Abroad Fair of the partner university (student mobility event) to promote INSA Lyon to its students
  • Give a presentation of INSA Lyon in class in a French Lycée
  • Organize an informal alumni meeting
  • Create a communication tool (blog, video,…) about your stay at INSA Lyon in English
  • Ask for an interview to the communication department or the international relations office in the partner university, to share your INSA experience to students.
  • Represent INSA Lyon on an event organized by Campus France or the Institut français (offices located all around the world)


In order to settle these missions, you are invited to use the ambassador kit and join the Facebook group "INSA Lyon Ambassors" !