Life on campus

Association life

Almost 130 associations

INSA Lyon has a tradition of a particularly rich association life on campus LyonTech-La Doua and Oyonnax. Close to a hundred student associations and clubs have been recorded. The establishment offers them direct support providing sixty or so associations with premises, with a total area reserved for association life of about 3,500 m2, including the Student Centre, the departments and the residences.

Over 2,500 students are registered as members of associations active on the campus. Cultural, entertainment or sports associations represent over half the associations (55%) using the premises.

Exercising responsibility: an education in itself

In accordance with its tradition and educational vision, INSA Lyon considers that students taking responsibility for association life can constitute an educational element in addition to actual teaching such that it is likely to promote the development of real student citizenship and represents participation in the School's dynamism. Consequently, the establishment likes to take a variety of promotional measures with the aim of reconciling:

  • the quality of studies and the successful delivery of the course which remains the main objective, and
  • students taking responsibility for association life.

Rules to be respected

  • any student association based in INSA must have a committee presided over by an INSA student and having at least a majority of members who are students in the establishment.
  • its activities, along with the behaviour of its members, must not under any circumstances harm the establishment. Each association must seek, when communicating externally, to remain consistent with INSA'S external communication policy.

The purpose and objectives of student associations

"They (the students) have freedom of information and expression with regard to political, economic, social and cultural problems. They exercise this freedom individually and collectively, in ways that do not harm the teaching and research activities, and which do not lead to public disorder..."