Latin American section of the INSA Lyon Preparatory Level

Founded in 2000, this course prepares students right from the start of their graduate studies for the international requirements that are essential in the engineering profession today.

Its specific objective is to develop the adaptability and inventiveness of students, as well as their autonomy and openness. Students are grouped into international teams and follow training in various fields (including tutorials, practical assignments and mini-projects). In this way, they are confronted with scientific, technical and human cultures that are different from their own.

AMERINSA aims to provide students with the scientific, technical and human skills that will enable them to become particularly flexible, innovative engineers, open to the world of work, thanks to the teaching, projects and international internships that are provided during their training.

The schooling lasts for four university semesters of 15 weeks each (two years), after which the student can apply to any specialist department in the Second Cycle at the INSA schools or in an engineering faculty at one of INSA Lyon’s partner Universities in Europe or Latin America.

More and more students from the AMERINSA section choose to enrol on a Second Cycle curriculum that will enable them to simultaneously obtain two engineering degrees (INSA diploma + foreign diploma).

The same programme as the classical Preparatory level

The teaching at AMERINSA is based on the same programme as the classical Preparatory level at INSA Lyon (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Computing, Modern Languages, Culture, Communication and Sport).The science teaching (theoretical and practical) represents approximately 75% of training content. It is taught in French and most classes (practical assignments and tutorials) are done in small, mixed international groups (16-26 students) which allow proper monitoring of students’ progress.

Students must show their ability to pursue studies in engineering, the first year is probationary and repeating the year is allowed only in exceptional cases. The student evaluation is done through continuous assessment throughout the year and through course summary homework at the end of each semester.

At the end of the 1st year, students do a ‘worker’ internship in a country other than their country of origin (Europe for Latin American students, in Latin America for French students).

Learning English and another foreign language different from the native language is compulsory for all students. For French students, the recommended second language is Spanish or Portuguese.

Specific studies:

  • Courses to prepare the internship, in Latin America or Europe, taught by “engineer lecturers”.
  • Civilization courses on topics related to institutions, cultures, business and geopolitics concerning Europe and Latin America. Students do a multimedia project in the second year.
  • Lecture series on “Latin America” organised in collaboration with major institutional partners. Meetings with engineers, scientists, economists, writers, diplomats, artists, and entrepreneurs specialised on Latin America.
  • Lecture series on “Europe” in the 2nd year to broaden knowledge of European cultures and institutions.
  • Epistemology module, in the 2nd year. Reciprocal adaptation of Latin American and French cultures based on mathematics, studying their epistemology and their use in other scientific disciplines.
  • Scientific and technical projects in “transatlantic” international teams (new technologies).These involve, notably, manufacturing, construction, electronics, or mathematics.
  • Culture and Communication: Development of written and oral communication skills. Intercultural approach. Audiovisual project in the 2nd year organised in international teams.

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