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LyonTech-La Doua Campus

INSA Lyon has offered its students the option of being accommodated on the campus. Thus, any student admitted to INSA Lyon can ask to be allocated a room or accommodation in one of our 11 residences.

Accommodation in the residences

INSA Lyon's residences are reserved as a priority for student-engineers and some Masters research students and doctoral students studying at INSA Lyon.

  • The period of residence may not exceed 10 months (from 01/09 to 30/06).
  • During the months of July and August, a single residence is open to accommodate student-engineers on placements.

Priority is given to new arrivals.

Given the residences' capacity which is 3,200 beds, not all accommodation requests can be met with 4,500 students present on the 1st and 2nd cycles. The management of the establishment has established criteria for determining the priorities with regard to certain students:

  • 1st year students are accommodated in shared rooms (2 students) in residences A and B.
  • students admitted directly to the 3rd or 4th years.
  • foreign students from exchanges or twinning arrangements.

On the other hand, places are reserved for disabled students who can have rooms with certain specific adaptations.

Procedure for obtaining accommodation

Students admitted to the 1st year and direct to the 3rd and 4th years:

Each student receives an application pack containing an accommodation reservation form which must be returned to INSA Lyon before the date shown on the document.

Oyonnax Campus

Furnished and unfurnished student halls of residence are available next to the campus, in Bellignat and Oyonnax.

  • In Bellignat, the Semcoda unfurnished student hall and the Georges Champetier furnished student hall.
  • In Oyonnax, the Semcoda furnished student hall.

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